10 Incredible Houses You Won’t Believe Exist

10 Incredible Houses You Won’t Believe Exist

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They say “Home is Where You Make It” – whether it’s a simple hut by the beach, a floating home on the ocean or even a treehouse, home can be anything you want it to be. It is that one place where you come to rest and unwind after a stressful day. It’s a place that you can share with your loved ones or escape from the crowds when you need to. While some of us have pretty traditional houses, some people out there have gotten very creative at making their homes and came up with ideas that are out of this world! Today we’ll be looking at 10 Incredible Houses You Won’t Believe Exist. We’ll have a bit of everything when it comes to living spaces: big and small, wide and narrow, above cliffs and even underwater! Stay tuned all the way to the end and don’t miss my number one pick! It’s a house that I’m one hundred percent sure you didn’t know it exists. So, let’s begin!

The House on The Rock

When we think of houses surrounded by water, we either think of boats or island living. Well, the first unique house of this list is in the middle of the water, but it’s standing on a rock. You can find it on the Drina river in Serbia. It got people’s attention after being mentioned in big publications such as the Daily Mail and National Geographic. If you think that having a house on top of a rock is impressive enough, wait until you hear the story behind it. It all happened back in 1968 when a group of friends, tired of swimming against the current of the Drina River, decided to get some rest on top of the rock. They immediately got bothered by the rough surface of the rock and went back to the shore to bring back some boards on which they could lay on. Right after that, they decided to put the boards vertically and use them as cover. And just like that, this group of boys came up with the idea for a house on top of a rock. The house is now one of Serbia’s most treasured places. It’s a great spot to connect with nature, enjoying the river and the forest around.

Keret House

I told you we have some narrow houses on this list. Well, ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to: Keret House, the narrowest house in the world! This space was created by Jakub Szczesny, a Polish Architect who claims this is the world’s narrowest house with only 122 centimeters long at its widest point. And don’t let the looks fool you – this house is narrow, but this attribute is what makes it so space efficient and interesting. According to Szczesny, all the furniture had to be perfectly customized and pushed to fit into this space. It is designed for one single inhabitant, for someone who likes to work and stay at home! More specifically, this house is designed for traveling writers who need their own space. I guess that makes sense. One flight of stairs takes you into the study room and bathroom, and a ladder leads you up to the bedroom. What else can a writer need? It’s definitely narrow, but the architect definitely made it quite cozy and inviting. Who would have thought you could fit a house into such a small space? While the house was intended to stay up for just two years, it is already a Warsaw Icon and a landmark on the tourist maps for visitors of this Polish city.

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