10 + Surprising Facts About Vietnam

Here are surprising facts about Vietnam

Surprising Facts About Vietnam – Part 2:

How Much Power Does Vietnam Have?:

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Leroy Kenton:

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41 thoughts on “10 + Surprising Facts About Vietnam

  1. Love Vietnam from Bangladesh 🇧🇩 ❤️ 🇻🇳.
    May the two countries share an everlasting bond of friendship.

  2. after the Vietnamese war. The Vietnamese Spread all around the world. So the phone was the only way to get in contact with family and friends.

  3. Thanks you so much for your love to my nation ! GOD bless your channel & your nation , in JESUS Name

  4. Thank you for your video! Today I was looking for some info video about Vietnam for my class and discovered your channel. Totally like it + 1 subscribtion from me! I'll keep an aye on your videos.

  5. Vietnam has fought many wars but she has kept her beauty and the women are the most beautiful women in Asia and the world.

  6. lịch sử việt nam rất oai hùng
    nhân dân đoàn kết
    được lãnh đạo bởi đảng cộng sản

  7. I’ve visited Nha Trang twice, the best I’ve ever seen, good for diving in the crystal clear water
    Nice and safe place
    By the way the best tasty coffee

  8. Bạn quên 2 quần đảo của Việt Nam là Hoàng Sa ,Trường Sa rồi nhé . Yêu cầu bạn up lại video và sửa lại hình ảnh bản đồ Việt Nam.
    Cảm ơn bạn

  9. I have been there 12 times with my Vietnamese wife and I love the place. I call it "the land of dragons and lotus flowers". The dragons represent the terrible wars in the past and the lotus flowers are the beautiful people.

  10. Xin Chào!

    Hello. I am Elizabeth. I am from Vietnam! Vietnam is amazing! My family was originally from ho chi Minh city(Vietnam) the food was amazing! To combination rolls to pho! Ihome was a great hotel in Vietnam! But I am actually born in America. I visited Vietnam around 2 times! We had lots of fun. I dont understand too much Vietnamese.
    Vietnam has a very beautiful view.
    Check it out!

  11. We Indians love Vietnam we appreciates your bravery against China USA and France.You are beautiful people not only from inside but from outside as well.Long live Vietnam 🇻🇳 Long live India 🇮🇳🙏🙏

  12. I am literally so proud! Vietnam (my home country), is proved to have one of the best coral on earth! HEHE #randomfacts

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