17 Amazing Hacks To Try Out This Summer

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It is very hot outside! Today we’ll show some amazing summer hacks! Refresh yourself and your friends in a few seconds! Our councils will solve all your summer problems!

Supplies and tools:
• Wire
• Plastic cup
• Ice
• Clothespins
• Instant coffee
• Sponge
• Paper
• Scissors
• Marker
• Twine
• Bottle
• Seashells
• Hot glue gun
• Shower curtain
• Dish towel
• Straws
• Parchment paper
• Flat iron
• Syringe
• Glass
• Bottle with a mister
• Mint oil
• Lemon
• Lime
• Strawberry
• Blueberry
• Fresh mint
• Rosemary
• Aloe vera
• Toothpaste
• Ice cream
• Milk
• Ice molds
• Ziploc bag
• Blender
• Soda water
• Rum

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39 thoughts on “17 Amazing Hacks To Try Out This Summer

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  2. Not only can you use toothpaste or aloe leaves but you can spit on you’re finger and rub it over the bite it do stop itching!! It’s magic!

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