After the Runway: Jeana Turner | Episode 11 Elimination | America's Next Top Model (Season 24)

Panelist Drew Elliott interviews Jeana Turner, the 10th eliminated contestant from Cycle 24.


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America’s Next Top Model, the most successful and longest-running fashion reality TV series in history, returns to the runway and the BOSS is back! After stepping away, Tyra Banks returns and is ready to take this season to the next level – next level fierce, that is. The competition will once again feature an all-female cast competing for the crown, but this time around the age limit has been lifted. America’s Next Top Model is at the forefront of celebrating models of all shapes, sizes, colors, and now ages. Season 24 of ANTM struts back onto the VH1 stage with returning judges Drew Elliott, Law Roach and Ashley Graham, alongside an ensemble of new experts and a whole new set of prizes in the city where dreams are made: Los Angeles. This season of America’s Next Top Model will uplift, inspire and entertain while continuing to redefine the definition of beauty.

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After the Runway: Episode 11 Elimination *SPOILER ALERT* | America’s Next Top Model (Season 24)


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48 thoughts on “After the Runway: Jeana Turner | Episode 11 Elimination | America's Next Top Model (Season 24)

  1. he got an rbf and an attitude. his face pisses me off. im gay but this dude making me homophobic why he got so much attitude tf

  2. this interviewer….. stop bringing ur biased opinion into the interview girl! Dont care for your cattiness, just wanna know about Jeana’s experiences! Like move over hun 😒

  3. Omg the ending was so awkward. He clearly hated Jeana, those shady comments. Jeana handled well, professional and lovable. She is my winner 🦋🦋🦋 ANTM is trash, 24 cycles but only 2 girls become real TOP Models, hum… So glad this show is over.

  4. I really appreciate her but her reaction to Christiana piss me off , I don't think she's a geniune person , a relly manipulative one , Shanece was right all this time….

  5. This interviewer is so rude. His tone and facial reactions to her responses were horrible. I am appalled by his shady af attitude.

  6. I liked her in the beginning but towards the end, her attitude and personality is ugly! Her arrogance and smirks during her interview is just plain disgusting!

  7. I’m trying to imagine having an interviewer literally tell me I’m lying about my experience and heavily imply that I’m a complainer

  8. Wow. Never thought I would see the physical form of a condescending narcissistic asshole but here he is in the flesh… and with platinum blonde hair.

  9. After watching what she said then watching this im guessing they told her what to say ….

    She need's an Oscar

  10. He’s asking questions and she’s answering truthfully and yet when he gets the truth he doesn’t wanna hear it and acts so rudely

  11. She got hit wtf these producers expect these girls to not even be human and just brush of physical injuries? wtf!!!!

  12. I dont understand why he is talking to her like he better than her. She did a great interview. He might need some pointers…

  13. the interviewer seems invalidating her opinion and also the coughing so she can't continue expressing her side story

  14. It's awful what she experienced, she's so strong and her beauty is unreal. Also, her personality is very interesting.

  15. He tried to avoid everything she threw at him and he fail miserably… as part of the gay community we don’t claim him… sorry jeana you had to go through all of this

  16. After I watched her YouTube video😢 WOW so unfair how they treated her yet edited her to be another way👀 not cool…stay strong mama

  17. Here after Jeana’s tell-all. And Drew was definitely biased. ANTM always had a beauty campaign for the finale and for sure they knew it would be Pantene so why’d they even cast Jeane for this cycle? Glad I stopped watching the show because it was hella toxic


  19. I’m sorry but she has such a “poor me” attitude.. I don’t know if it’s because she’s a sensitive person or what. It bothers me though because I cannot tell if she’s ever being genuine.

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