Airbnb Listing Review in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam (My BEST Airbnb Experience)

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Nightly Rate: $36.83

To purchase the full amenity checklist with recommendations:

Yes, this was my best Airbnb experience in over 600 nights on Airbnb. Here’s why:
1) Extremely responsive host
2) All issues were solved flawlessly without making me feel to blame (there were not many issues)
3) Many small surprise+delight features
4) Seamless check-in/out
5) Spotlessly clean, full amenities
6) Cleanings every three days

Be aware that the experience the guest has in your city will affect your review. So, as a host, try to increase their experience will positively affect your reviews even though it has nothing to do with your actual physical space.

Some additional notes:
1) It is a good idea to provide a safe for the guest’s valuables. This is especially true if you let any third-party (ie anyone besides the host or guest) into the room.
2) A toilet bowl cleaner and can opener are standard amenities that should be provided. Regarding the toilet bowl cleaner, you want to make it as easy as possible for the guest to clean and fix any issues so you don’t have to.

Skip to 12:17 for a view of the place upon check-in.

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4 thoughts on “Airbnb Listing Review in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam (My BEST Airbnb Experience)

  1. If something of mine went missing during my stay it would be the worst Airbnb stay. You shared lots of great tips. I'm trying to decide if I should leave my toilet brush and container in the bathroom cupboard or on the side of the toilet. I need to pickup a cutting board!

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