Alan Walker & viivi niemi They are officially boyfriends

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Alan Walker and his girlfriend 2019
★ Music:”Sing Me To Sleep”:

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25 thoughts on “Alan Walker & viivi niemi They are officially boyfriends

  1. Lol the title of the video Alan walker and Vivi are officially. Boyfriends
    My question: how are they boyfriends…. :/

  2. I know your not alone, i know your not alone! Its her son now my father is marlon i borrow her phone now

  3. I don't like your girlfriend
    I like to be your girlfriend is in the on my way and so beautiful and perfect

  4. Why everyone saying you want to marry him, because I think SOME OF YOU KNOWS HE WAS A GF, and a boy can’t have more then one unless he friends with them.. 😑

  5. I know I should feel happy for him but to be honest I feel mad and upset.😡😭. It is my honest option. By the way dripping right know.😭

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