Amazing! Ninja training of Aikido master – Shirakawa Ryuji shihan

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Shirakawa Ryuji shihan – aikikai 6th dan

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Amazing Aikido 01

Amazing Aikido 02

Special techniques close combat

Best of Sutemi Waza/sacrifice techniques in Aikido

Sutemi Waza/sacrifice techniques in Aikido freestyle02

Sutemi Waza/sacrifice techniques in Aikido freestyle03

Best of Aikido

Beautiful Aikido world

Special techniques

Aikido Dynamic Throwing to each other

Aikido self-defense techniques

Sutemi Waza(sacrifice techniques)

Dynamic and elegant martial arts ‐ Aikido

About Shirakawa Ryuji sensei



Brilliant Aikido

Dynamic aikido

Dynamic aikido Jiyu waza

Jiyu waza 1

Jiyu waza 2

Shirakawa Ryuji Shihan – aikikai 6th dan, Aikido Techniques

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・Aikido is beautiful

・Supple Aikido move freely

・Aikido is beautiful and dynamic

・ Aikido – Soft and dynamic body control

・Aikido Highlights

・Aikido and Jiu-Jitsu


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42 thoughts on “Amazing! Ninja training of Aikido master – Shirakawa Ryuji shihan

  1. Un bonhomme en caoutchouc monté sur ressorts.
    Fantastique, profonds respects. je n'ose pas estimer le nombre d'heures d'entraînement pour en arriver à ce niveau

  2. 身体能力の高さに感嘆!推測するに、考え方も柔軟性に満ちている印象です。素晴らしい!

  3. 先生の受身の凄さはこのような日々の努力により作られるのですね。感服致しました。

  4. Note to the producer of this video: Where did you learn Ninja techniques from? Are you a ninja or an Aikido teacher? If you are showing Ninja techniques, shouldn't you be calling this a Ninja training video? If you are accredited, associated and licensed through an official Aikido federation (such as Aiki-kai) do they approve of you teaching these techniques? Perhaps you should call it some kind of freestyle gymnastics instead. Thank you

  5. Я в 9лет на дзюдо так прыгал. Вспомнил хоть 😁😁😂ниндзя😂

  6. I can see the future of akido…. Sensei Ryudji will bring akido to the next level, probably akido will become more like gymnastic exercises in pairs, but not martial art, i think it will become like sports wushu.
    He is one of the first who will bring akido to this new style of gymnastics.

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