Amazing Ninja Tri-Star Boomerang! (Flies Back)

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In this video, I’m going to show you how to make an Amazing 3-Pointed (Triple Bladed) Boomerang I designed and named the “Ninja Tri-Star Boomerang” because it’s like a Ninja Star with three points that returns to you! It can also hover or “helicopter” downwards after it comes back, making it really easy to catch!

When I made this, I also challenged Jeremy Shafer to make his own version of a 3-Pointed Boomerang. You can see his video here:

Using a single 8.5″ x 11″ Letter-Sized Printer Sheet, we will first turn the paper into an Equilateral Triangle. This involves just some simple folding and lining the paper which I explain. I also give some measurements (in case you want to just measure the triangle to be extra accurate).

We will then make some folds and create a sort of “Windmill Base” on the triangle, then flipping it over and doing the same. Once we finish folding, we will then fold down the overhanging “Air Foils” or flaps which help to make the boomerang spin in a circle.

At the end, I go over how to properly throw the Ninja Tri-Star Boomerang and modify it so it flies well.

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