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Sa Pa is a town in the Hoàng Liên Son Mountains of northwestern Vietnam. A popular trekking base, it overlooks the terraced rice fields of the Muong Hoa Valley, and is near the 3,143m-tall Phang Xi Pang peak, which is climbable via a steep, multiday guided walk. Hill tribes, such as the Hmong, Tay and Dao, make up much of the town’s local population.

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  1. Bless your heart for helping the less unfortunate. It’s people like you that makes this world a better place and keeps hope up.

  2. If they didnt translate for you, when they are singing, they're saying,
    Oh young man, so handsome
    Why you're so handsome
    Its so nice to meet you, I've never seen such a handsome man
    Who are you and why are you so adorable?

  3. The guide speaks fluently English , I want to get her as my guide during my upcoming Sapa trip. Could you please recommend how can we contact her

  4. Looks like a very great tour. You got some very nice views and seems to get good communication with the people. The guide lady seems pretty cool 😄

  5. What an amazing experience! Thank you for sharing – well done! You are a good man for giving the elderly lady some cash. I would have done the same. <3 So very hard to resist all the children too.

  6. Beautiful people. This video has really inspired me to go. It reminds me of trekking in Northern Thailand back in the late 80s. Thanks, Jonny.

  7. I was lucky enough to experience in June while it was heavily raining on the trek and later the clouds opened up to hot sunny weather, you always think you'd never seen these places but in movies and pictures. truly a magnificent quietly tucked away from everything. Sapa heavily relies on tourism and anything helps even if those ladies/children can be a bit aggressive but something of a small denomination goes a long way for them in Vietnam. Great video.

  8. wow this place is awesome,you did a great job.This is so on my bucket list,I have been to the Philippines many time and it is so beautiful.I think I have a new girlfriend now lol

  9. H'Mong people speak English very well, maybe they have chance to practice with tourists like John and selling handicraft products…

  10. Jonny very well managed;good idea solo/guide for a great all round interaction with locals & scenery Vlog by the "Drone Master"lol.

  11. Loved the video Jonny Thankyou for showing us this stunning scenery and introducing us to the beautiful happy smiling faces of the Vietnamese locals . Get well soon xx

  12. Top class Jonny ! I think you have taken over the mantle of the best vlogger in SE Asia since your mentors 8 miles moved back to Europe. Keep it up and thank you.

  13. That was great Jonny. loved the scenery and the lady singing at the end. can't wait to see the drone footage. thanks for sharing.

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