Amazing Talker Lora Introduction

This video is about Amazing Talker

Amazing Talker is an online learning-teaching platform for language learners. It makes learning a language super easy and you can just take classes at home and everywhere! Teachers on this platform are interviewed by actual students to be officially admitted into this program. So this platform makes sure that you’re already picking your tutors from a team of teachers preferred by students!

I am a full-time college student with a major in psychology in human health. I am also passionate about teaching and sharing my experience of learning English as my second language! It allows me to see so many more and motivates me to learn even more languages! I design my lessons by tailoring to students’ needs, whether it is exam preparation or speaking improvement. I have experience in SATs, IELTS and other language proficiency exams! Come take class with me!!!


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2 thoughts on “Amazing Talker Lora Introduction

  1. Hello Lora I got a demo class with Amazing talker. Am I supposed to bring a lesson my self to the class or will they provide one for me teach?

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