Bag Raiders – Shooting Stars (Official Video)

Bag Raiders – Shooting Stars

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Actions speak louder than words. So rather than us go on about how Ron Winter directed the new Shooting Stars music video, got the lads, Bag Raiders to you and me, in front of the blue screen while they were touring North America, or what its like waking up in a bed full of polygon-crafted pretties – just watch the clip and make up your mind.

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47 thoughts on “Bag Raiders – Shooting Stars (Official Video)

  1. It's late and I'm awake
    Staring at the wall
    Open up my window
    Head floats out the door

    No one else around
    The shimmer takes my eye
    I lift my head
    Blinded by the sky

    Feel my weight in front
    Following the sound
    Moves away so fast
    Fall down to the ground

    I know there's more to come
    Jump back to my feet
    Now I only see ahead of me
    Chasing down the street

    Gave my love to a shooting star
    But she moves so fast
    That I can't keep up
    I'm chasing

    I'm in love with a shooting star
    But she moves so fast
    When she falls then
    I'll be waiting

  2. Haven't visited this song for a long time. When was this a huge meme, 2016? Not sure why I felt the urge to look it up. Quarantine has brought out some bizarre nostalgia..

  3. I’m in the shower with no water on because my device is in there with max volume and the door is shut

  4. this music have the feeling of otherworldly, and also the feeling of 80s and 90s, which makes this music so much perfect and nastolgic.

  5. I'm looking for another song that use this sample hope anyone can help me… I remember some parts of the lyrics "i'm only Human, i'm only moving as fast as I can" then it says something about "the top of the World' hahaha, i'm looking for it like crazy

  6. the video gives me a vaporwave chill through the visuals & the aesthetics ,
    However , it doesn't literally sound as vaporwave , not a vaporwave sound/music .
    But that ain't mean that the song ain't lit , you know ,
    this is dope & lit !

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