Command prompt has been disabled by your administrator [FIX]

How to enable cmd when your cmd has been disable by your administrator:
NOTE: This issue usually happen in computers that have too much virus…I recommended you guys should reinstall your Windows and install Antivirus program

open your RUN
type regedit
STEP 3 :
click HKEY_CURRNT_USER , Software ,Policies , Microsoft , System
Click on Disable CMD
Change the value data 1 to 0

*Tada*…Your CMD has been enable….
Please…please, subcribe if it’s worked for you 😀

How to Enable Registry Editor :


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48 thoughts on “Command prompt has been disabled by your administrator [FIX]

  1. for all the people with "system" issues … try a different "GPEDIT" method on this site .. worked for me with ez ..

  2. What if my account is the admin and I can't do any of this? only 1 account on the computer, and it's mine….fk windows, ubuntu here I come

  3. Hey on step 3 You said "STEP 3 :
    click HKEY_CURRNT_USER , Software ,Policies , Microsoft , System" a correction need's to be made idk if it's Just my Computer But it need's To be "STEP 3 :
    click HKEY_CURRNT_USER , Software ,Policies , Microsoft , Windows, System" that's all And thank you!

  4. is the command promt the f1 – f12 keys cause when i use them they light my screen up an stuff so i cant use them for gaming and i dont know how to deactivate it

  5. Because your account current you're using is not administrator. here is the solution:
    1) Create a new account : Control Panel> User Account>Manage a another account>Create account>Check the Admin box> Create account. Then log in to the new account, follow the step on the video.
    2) Reinstall Window

  6. can't found "RUN" in my start menu, try to search it. nothing came out. when I click windows button+R it was came with this message: "This operation has been cancelled due to restriction in effect on this computer.Please contact your system administrator"

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