Contra (NES) Full Run with No Deaths

System & Settings: Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

This video shows a full, no-death playthrough of Contra for the NES.

0:10 Stage 1 – Jungle
1:24 Stage 2 – Base 1
2:47 Stage 3 – Waterfall
4:14 Stage 4 – Base 2
6:34 Stage 5 – Snow Field
8:48 Stage 6 – Energy Zone
10:27 Stage 7 – Hangar Zone
12:29 Stage 8 – Alien’s Lair
14:16 Ending + Credits

As usual, this video was recorded from a real, original NES with a real cartridge. No emulators, cheats, hacks, or any of that BS in my videos.

Also, make sure to check out my run of Super C (Contra) 2 –


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32 thoughts on “Contra (NES) Full Run with No Deaths

  1. I used to watch my dad run through this game easily as a kid. He'd turn on the NES, run through Contra a few times and go back to doing something else. I didn't know how hard this game was until this year.

  2. Well this answers my question as to whether or not anyone has finished the entire game without losing a life. Holy crab apples was that amazing!

  3. Why the hell waste all these powers and energy on this one guys, SUCKS! He is noob. He will highlight my comment for sure!

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