Corona के बाद अब Hanta Virus का डर | आखिर क्या है Hantavirus (हंता वायरस) ? @wifistudy

Hanta Virus in China | Coronavirus के बाद अब Hantavirus का डर | आखिर क्या है Hantavirus | New Virus in China | Hantavirus Outbreak | Know Everything about Hanta Virus by Sushmita Ma’am (wifistudy)

🚀 Corona का बढ़ता प्रभाव | Tokyo Olympics Postponed
👉 Watch Here :
🚀 अब कब होगा Olympics 2020?

🚀 क्या है धारा 144, Lockdown और Curfew?
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🚀 जानिए क्या है फर्क (अंतर)

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44 thoughts on “Corona के बाद अब Hanta Virus का डर | आखिर क्या है Hantavirus (हंता वायरस) ? @wifistudy

  1. 🚀 Corona का बढ़ता प्रभाव | Tokyo Olympics Postponed

    👉 Watch Here :

    🚀 अब कब होगा Olympics 2020?

  2. (Corona , Ebola , Hanta) This virus’s caused by bats 🦇 and rats 🐀) Why people eat this type of useless creatures , when they already have millions of amazing food available everywhere”

  3. I was eating since few days rice with the butter and their was a small child mouse already dead..oh my God I had been eating butter it was in the cartoon pack and pouring everyday small amount of it in my rice and roti and today I wanted to take out from spoon oh my goodness it was mouse im Damn sure my whole body was shivering I did not have gut to see it again I and threw cartoon pack outside the dustbin..oh please help me will I fall sick 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢….I want to puke

  4. Maroo 😭😭 hum ko maroo salooo hum koi ganta ha kia jo har koi ake baja jath ha

  5. इसके बाद साले कौन सा वायरस भेजेंगे घंटा वायरस

  6. Ya Allah Corona se picha chura nai ke Hanta bi agaya pata nai agge kya hoga Allah hifazat kary hum insano ka

  7. Neden hayvanları diri diri çiğ yediniz yazık günah o yüzden corana oldunuz. Yarasa çorbası içtiniz fare yediniz bok var gibi bunlar yenmez ki .

  8. China ko atom because mb maar do sab desh…. Gandagee ke jad ko khatm karo…. Jab tak ye keeday Chinese zinda rahainge… Duniya khatre ne rahayge…… Ye nalee k gande keede hain Chinese log….

  9. Hahaha allah jab marte hai na toh duniya se bahar nikalkei marte hai esiliye bolti hu Muslim ke upar julm mat karo Q ki ham to kuch nehi kahenge laiken Allah ap sab ko chodenge nhi china is gone 🤣

  10. अस वाठतंय करोना
    सोबत त्याची 👨‍👨‍👦‍👦
    Family पण येईल .
    आत्ता Hanta आला.
    उधा Banta येईल !
    मग पुथ्वी वर,
    Ghanta राहील 😑😐

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