COVID-19 circuit breaker: Singapore announces entry limits to some wet markets

As Singapore tightens its COVID-19 circuit breaker measures, entry to 4 popular wet markets will be limited based on individuals’ NRIC number or FIN. Announcing the stricter measures on Tuesday (Apr 21), Minister for National Development Lawrence Wong added: “If you need to go out to buy food, to buy groceries, go out alone. Don’t turn this into an occasion for a family outing.” Details on the restrictions:

Read PM Lee’s full address here:

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31 thoughts on “COVID-19 circuit breaker: Singapore announces entry limits to some wet markets

  1. Stay home do not seem to bring down COVID-19 cases.
    LW should visit all Foreign Workers with JT and the COVID -19 cases will go down.Sure Lah
    Control Local Singaporean restriction is not the solution.

  2. Due to bungling by the G4 task force, we probably now have already about 87,500 COVID-19 cases amongst the dorm workers. (Assuming 25% of 350,000 dorm workers.) The daily infected cases reported merely reflect the rate of daily testing, not the true pre-existing number, which is still growing exponentially. The final infected number may exceed New York City's. The G4 team has let Singapore down, badly.

  3. The change is underway
    Nwo is coming
    The world will Not end Yet
    She is moving into a New world order!!

    The End of All things is Near
    1 Peter 4 v 7
    End of All things familiar!

    All Bible Prophecies Coming to Pass !

    The Great Tribulation aka Great Distress is Coming Soon Upon the whole earth!
    Matthew 24 v 21

    Call Upon the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth to Help and Save you !
    Good News
    John 3 v 16

    The choice is yours to respond

    God bless

  4. Don't bother minister they won't listen they must que in supermarket que to buy their fav food que to buy their fav desert Imy friend works in a supermarket I know what's going on people are willing to que for 1hour just to buy their fav yogurt or juice or even lol even keropok my friend has become so exhausted bec of the never ending que

  5. Singaporeans think they are better than others… better than foreign workers… white expat treated like royals… sad communities of fake values… kiasu gives.. kiasu gets… good riddance… now you are no. 1… RIP Singapore..

  6. PM Lee is of his father the devil as he deceives the citizens of Singapore with the corona virus hoax in order to usher in Bill Gates vaccination poison to profit and to pillage. Mircosoft Patent: W0202060606 Skull & Bones=322 Number of the Beast=666

  7. Is the real reason behind the entry limit to reduce the spread of the virus? Or could it be Singapore is running out of food supplies?

  8. I'm impressed by the new implementation and happy to hear it but how do u guys going to determine the number of people been infected if you don't have enough test kits to go around for people living in Singapore?

  9. Now more kanchong more que at supermarket hairdresser n bubble tea since last nite the more pm n minister say don't go out more they go n que even more

  10. Wong such a talent with words must have lots of girl friends if not a great wife. And those tears were priceless.

  11. from day 1, lee already underestimated the virus, during his early addressing, he compared the covid19 with flu, as they are totally incomparable , SG today’s situation turning out like this, who should be responsible? everything they do and think of is fine, fine , fine!

  12. Our Death rates are particularly low, maybe NS keeps most of us fitter. Esp CV19 is more gay … and like to affect men more than women.

  13. I really respect him cos he’s speak up the truth nothing else than truth speak itself indeed.. I Muslim in Islam respect you as your decision

  14. It is getting worse to even think to limit numbers by using Ic number to enter wet market just wow, pity our malay friends there sigh….

    Now going to the wet market is like playing lucky draw wth…

  15. Go all out together…what a way to express a solution. It should be "just stay at home". Going out everyday to buy groceries…? what la wei…

  16. Hoorayy!!! exnted tiil 1 june sooo happy this year no raya save alots money. Stay At Home don't go out if not impotant.👏👏👏👏💃💃💃💃

  17. Hello…. Not only the essential workers are out and about…!! Those seeking for the essential services are too. Not to mention those ppl who exercises and wear no mask. Seriously is exercise an essential? It is not a service but an activity. By choice. Since by choice. Have it implemented. No mask no exercise. Plain and simple. No exemptions. After all isn't the objective to have ppl stay at home, the priority. If need, do it at home.

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