Dynasty Warriors Mobile – RPG CBT Gameplay (Android/IOS)

Dynasty Warriors Mobile (真三国无双霸) – RPG CBT Gameplay (Android/IOS)

日本光荣特库摩首款正版授权割草RPG手游《真·三国无双 霸》已于4月16日开启限量删档测试,抢先下载并注册即可得资格,数量有限先到先得!

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28 thoughts on “Dynasty Warriors Mobile – RPG CBT Gameplay (Android/IOS)

  1. Is this the new app game I've been reading about or is there still another dynasty warriors game coming? I've read some where people are saying it'll be an mmo and others saying it's in its pre-register phase.

  2. btw login nya pake akun apa bro?! please jawab! coz gue udah download tapi ngga ada tautan login via WeChat

  3. How can I download the game ? Do I need to register to the site ?
    Pls answer I want to play it on my phone but i don't know

  4. I know its stupid to say but sometimes they shouldnt speak chinese not japanese coz theyre in ancient china or smth

  5. I am betting they would either decrease the mob numbers or downgrade some graphics to reduce hanging or slowdown. Warriors games tend to have fps drops most of the time in huge number of enemies on the screen

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