FLUENT In 6 Months (AJ Hoge English Sub)

How to be Fluent In 6 Months | What’s the secret to fluency? How long do you need? Here are the secrets to speaking English fluently in 6 months, using the Effortless English System. This system is designed to improve your spoken English. You learn to speak powerfully and improve quickly.

The question of time to fluency is important. First we must be clear about what, exactly, fluency means. What does it mean to speak fluently? Does this mean to speak perfectly? Does it mean to speak like a native speaker?

How many vocabulary words do you need to be fluent?

The next important question is, “how long”? How much time do you need? Though we often talk about months and years, it’s best to focus instead on hours. How many hours do you need to listen to English? How many hours do you need to study, practice, and train to achieve your goal?
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