Game Dev Tycoon Strategy & Tactics #1 – Ficklewood Studios Returns!

Back in the early days of this channel we covered a little game called Game Dev Tycoon. While that series is still on my channel, it had poor audio and video quality and was cut short due to a technical issue on my part. It is time we did this series justice and brought Ficklewood Studios to greatness. Now if only we can do something with these starter topics.

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13 thoughts on “Game Dev Tycoon Strategy & Tactics #1 – Ficklewood Studios Returns!

  1. Thx for the new content on this game.
    That said you could have made at least half a mill on your first game if you did the sliders right.
    Just a tip for actually making money in this game.

  2. I can't help imagining a dancing simulator on a PC being like an extended version of the ball mini-game in Sid Meier's Pirates.

  3. Should have researched game tutorials, then made your engine. You'd have gotten enough research points to do a new topic.

  4. Hey pinstar. You should really try out Anno 1800 if you have the specs for it. Kinda like banished. Just 2019

  5. How can the game say that fashion and simulation is "a great combo" when it's literally your first game and your character hasn't done a post-game analysis yet?
    Likewise with all info on what genres work or don't work on PC/G64.
    That info normally only becomes available after you discover it through post-game analysis

  6. Glad your doing this series again, the last series I found really helpful in my own play-through but would of liked to see what tips you would have for the later stage of the game you never got to.

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