How to Delete Your Steam Account Forever

Here are the exact steps you need to take to permanently delete your steam account. Quit gaming. Live your life.

Looking for new activities to replace gaming 👉

My guide on how to quit gaming:
My guide for loved ones:

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Narrated by James Good.


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23 thoughts on “How to Delete Your Steam Account Forever

  1. Thank you ! U helped me so much I had way to many steam accounts. But still I don't quit gaming xD maybe someday I will. 🙂

  2. A question, I want to delete my acc cus I want to put a new username and password but I forgot the password and I want to buy GTA v in the new acc but it is on the same email so how can I delete it faster, cus GTA v will be only for 15 $ and there are only 5 days left

  3. this is kinda sad seeing comments end there gaming carrer and grow up and go to the next chapter of life i think we all at once might quit

  4. when i deleted my account and my current messages would be read or it will gone? And if i tried to log in again it will log in or not?

  5. rip me dude account got hijacked after 5000 hours in a game and forced to switch account $500 worth of items all gone

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