In-Depth Lux Champion Guide | How to Play Lux Support – League of Legends

An in-depth guide to Lux support! Enjoy!
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30 thoughts on “In-Depth Lux Champion Guide | How to Play Lux Support – League of Legends

  1. I tried to use Inspiration as secondary rune tree today as was recommended in that video . i think it works very well

  2. Who would be a good alternate support pick to have in my pool? Someone who is good in the matchups that Lux is bad in?

  3. I think Sorcery tree is kinda weak. Dark Harvest is not as reliant on items imo. You can get to 1k dmg ult really fast with DH.

  4. This is why you shouldnt take ignite in lux:
    So lux is full range champ(aa and abilities),also she oneshots so u dont need ignite,if u hit the q (big range) you just throw e (also big range) and then the ult (much bigger range) so you dont need ignite cuz u need to have big distance from your enemy.When i go support lux i go exhaust cuz i do the slow with that (easier to do the combo and more slow) and the exhaust reduces enemy's damage so it gives time for me to escape or even outplay. Exhaust is also good for when the enemy jg is ganking,we can take kills or escape. When i play mid of course i am taking barrier cuz the enemy mid laner has 95% ignite and its plus shield and you can outplay. Thats it from me :p good vid tho

  5. I disagree with most if not all information in this, build, runes, items, skill leveling, summoner spells, playstyle, idk

  6. My personal build that I had most success with: Frostfang > Athene's Unholy Grail > Ardent Censer > Twin Shadows > Zhonya's Hourglass.

  7. 9:11 What are picks here? I understand what poking is, in the lane phase, but what does the concept of picking refer to here?

  8. maxing e before maxing w? I thought you only go like 3 into e and then after ulti invest all into w? Also I'd of thought athene would be a key item? Seems like a very aggressive build for a support lux to me but idk.

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