League of Legends – Alistar Top – Full Gameplay Commentary

Alistar top! feel the might of FIST COW

Playing League of Legends as Alistar

Masteries: 12/18/0

Runes: ad marks and quints armor seals mr/lvl glyphs


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Song used in intro: (credit to Noisestorm and Monstercat)

Nguồn: https://hip-hop-music-classic.com

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41 thoughts on “League of Legends – Alistar Top – Full Gameplay Commentary

  1. This was the first league of legends video I ever watched. I watched you to learn the game and from lvl 1-30 as well as learned along side my friends who had been playing for years. Today is the day I quit league of legends. I don't know why I'm writing this here but it felt right. My friends who had all been playing since 2012 recently quit the game. I a relatively new player still found fun in the game and climbed the ranks from bronze to today platinum 5. Goodbye league and I am leaving you on the same note that brought me in.

  2. Honestly your commentary is boring, unoriginal, and doesn't set you apart from any other youtubers. There isn't anything that set's you apart from any other YouTube gamers. Why would I watch a YouTube channel that is exactly like every other youtube gaming channel? Get some original content, then I'll come back.

  3. That shyvanna is D3? Lol. Proof that people who gloat about their rank in league often just talk shit. Rank means nothing in league.

  4. Can you play KOG? I know he is not in the META however I enjoy him with the bork, hurricane and rageblade… he can be very powerful but he has no self peal so it is hard to survive.

  5. Can you please play Janna support? I'm really interested in her legendary skin, and you haven't played her in a LONG while… Thanks!

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