Let's Play COUP feat. Brennan Lee Mulligan from CollegeHumor | Overboard, Episode 12

For this Overboard with Brennan Lee Mulligan, we played a bunch of small games — so many, in fact, that we couldn’t fit them all in one episode (yes, we know that’s ironic). In part one, special guest Brennan Lee Mulligan of CollegeHumor joins us for a heated game of Coup. Stay tuned for part 2, and don’t forget to subscribe!

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44 thoughts on “Let's Play COUP feat. Brennan Lee Mulligan from CollegeHumor | Overboard, Episode 12

  1. 08:45 the money should have went through. based on the rule book https://www.boardgamegeek.com/image/1812505/coup "…If an action is successfully counteracted, the actions fails but any coins paid as the cost of the action remain spent"

  2. They're playing the game wrong :S You can't use ambassador power to exchange both your cards, you discard an influence by placing it face-up on the table and not shuffling it into the deck, you still pay 3 coins when you use an Assassin's power whether it's successful or not.

  3. Brennan was a wannabe Bismark. He failed to understand that offensive realism does not work. When you actively destroy anyone you have ties to in an obvious attempt to become the most powerful player, you make yourself a target of all other states. BDG was weak, and had no reason to betray Brennan, as Brennan was his only strength. Brennan should've instead killed Red Dress Woman, as she was by far the greater threat. This would've eliminated the biggest rival without making himself public enemy #1.

  4. The three of them left at the end of the game was literally that scene in the office where they had finger gums pointed at each other.

  5. There's obviously a million great moments in this video but I want to acknowledge that this is some of Clayton's best editing work and it takes this video to a higher level

  6. The standoff was so good. It wasn't a complete standoff, there were things they could do, but it's a really interesting problem to think about. Even the best possible plays would have been gambles.

    The only thing Jenna could have done is hope one of the others reached the 10 coin limit before she did, and was forced to coup, then take the 50/50 gamble that they didn't kill her.

    Pat and Karen's ideal strategies would be the same. Only take 1 coin at a time so that Jenna was forced to kill one, then the survivor would coup Jenna.

    There was no way Pat was going to bluff his way into using a different card, so he really should have taken the 50/50. There's no way Jenna should have won.

  7. the fact that no one called out simone at the end when she claimed she had a contessa when she couldnt block karens assassination tho-

  8. I want to draw attention to the fact that at the end they just made M.A.D and if you don’t know what it is look it up it one hell of a read

  9. i’m rewatching this and the ‘…or perhaps not!’ just happened and i’m watching and waiting in anticipation for the ‘then perish!’

  10. I literally get shivers everytime I watch this and they perfectly form a deadlock at the end. It just played out so well

  11. This would make an excellent HBO show if they took this plot line stretched it out, added some characters, and made it more serious. And it would be a really good show too

  12. 27:00 – Karen should assassinate Jenna, this will force her to reveal and turn in her Contessa, losing it and its protection.

  13. the dab, the "then perish," the "that's toxic masculinity baby!" it's time to admit it, Pat is the backbone of the Polygon team

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