Mr. Bean in Room 426 | Episode 8 | Mr. Bean Official

*Remastered Version* Bean treats himself to a weekend in a hotel and seeks competition with his hotel neighbour. After he eats some spoiled oysters, he is confined to a nightmare about them and his neighbour. With his stomach turning, he goes outside of his room to complain to the other neighbour (who is playing very loud music) but is locked out. All in all, all hell breaks loose, ending with a certain someone’s bottom on show…

Stay tuned:

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37 thoughts on “Mr. Bean in Room 426 | Episode 8 | Mr. Bean Official

  1. هل الحلقة كتير كتير حلوة👍👍👍🤗🤗🤗 شكرا جزيلا يا احلى نا سورة 💝💝💝💗💘💘

  2. It seems like most of the 31 million people who watched this video forgot to like but I am not one of them.

  3. 23:32 Is that Danny La Rue besides Mr. Bean, the male who often wears dress, I must say he is a perfect example for males to break traditions of wearing pants.
    If a female can wear a pants, then a male can wear dress too.👍🏼❤️

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