NEW OP KOREAN BUILD: Why Pros Are ABUSING KALISTA TOP in Patch 10.5- League of Legends Season 10

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Welcome to the patch 10.5 rundown. This is an excellent patch with changes coming to champions like Darius, Sett, Mordekaiser, Ornn, Kai’sa, Graves, Kayn, and many others.

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41 thoughts on “NEW OP KOREAN BUILD: Why Pros Are ABUSING KALISTA TOP in Patch 10.5- League of Legends Season 10

  1. God dmanit this just happened to me the game before like i was fiora and every time i tried to engage she would just run to her tower i maneged to kill her twice by brute forcing her to death but i had to use both ignite flash and my ult she had 70 more cs then me so annoying

  2. Well yeah when i was building back in November and December kalista with sanguine blade and winning my teammates butts even though they were flaming i was a noob that needed report 😂😂
    But when a korean guy does the same 4 months later it is called meta!!
    My team never wants me to pick kalista because they even dislike her or find her useless or something…
    That girl needs skills and she is the only adc i play since season 3 i started playing this game and also the only one i am enjoying playing.
    I recommend everyone to play kalista since when she is mastered she can be a badass, not mentioning her passive if mastered can pass through walls and all the way back 😂😂
    Good video but i am the one responsible for sanguine blade kalista!!!
    Thank you.

  3. In the first clash and the first clash bracket i've played(which my team won) we had some shenanigans in the last game. In draft, my premade supp decided to troll me and lock in Aurelion Sol as one of our botlane champs, more specificly my adc. Ofc, this was a nervous mistake of a lock in. However we already locked lulu supp so this was really bad. Nonetheless, this forced our team to re-think what to do. Mid had already locked in Syndra so i figured if he was at least "ok" with playing Aurelion mid i could play Syndra apc. We went on to and absolutely dominated botlane with Syndra Lulu and the roaming with Aurelion a bit later was enough to secure full map pressure and we went on to win the game.

  4. Qotd: Shaco support. But not rly support. U run ignite smite. U go full ap. U just sit in enemy jungle and make em lose exp like hell. U don't die cuz of nimbus cloak chilling smite. Rush Chilling and Swifties. First item twin shadows, Second go for glp. U take Glacial augument with hexflash money and cosmic

    Try it. U will laugh ur ass off when the enemy jungler disconnects suddenly lmao

  5. QOTD: I actually once was a Rammus toplane onetrick. I didn't win too much, but looking back it was because I was playing the lane terribly. Had I played better, I would have won a lot because it was tank meta and when anybody took any AD champion in the toplane, I just casually stomped them if I was given free leads. I would build full tank, basically no situational items, and would just make people kill themselves, while also being able to solo low health turrets (R deals double damage to turrets, and Passive affects them as well, so Rammus is a surprisingly good sieger and can close games out very easily).

  6. I've won with goddamn attack speed sona jungle, 5 manning blind pick and funneling someone can win no matter what build

  7. me and my friends wanted to troll a little bit so i played jhin jg with a lee sin adc and some more wierd stuff and we somehow won

  8. I am one of the few remaining kalista adc onetricks, and I am livid that she is getting banned by toplaners now. I had an uncontested pick for about 4 years and now the Koreans have to screw it up 🙁

  9. Ive won with tryn mid, also with ad bruiser diana (her old kit). But this was bronze/silver so take it with a grain of salt. Tryn mid hidden op tho

  10. "What's the weirdest pick you've ever won with?" My weirdest pick was disco fullspeed nunu with my premade who played dsico fullspeed rammus and we run'd down mid the whole game (we were like 1/12) and we still won lol.

  11. QOTD: Bard JG, I only killed the buffs at first clear and did not gank unless the enemy laners were literally soul bound to there minion and once you hit 6 or get lots of chimes you get more powerful, for build you get Runic Echoes, and Build either Max CD for better ganks, or the chad way of funneling your yi top, full support items

  12. This clown thinks vaccines are good 😂. Bill gates has murdered thousands of people worth his “vaccines” filled with TYPHUS .

  13. Just tried it on soloQ and it went B E A U T I F U L

    Even though I do not suggest trying it on ranked Just because

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