QUICK Water Reflection Photography TRICK

Hey! In today’s vlog we’ll be doing a quick water reflection photography trick in the streets of Melbourne! Heaps of fun as always!

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42 thoughts on “QUICK Water Reflection Photography TRICK

  1. عالی
    من تازه باهات آشنا شدم،ولی کارات خیلی خوبه
    پیشاپیش هم یک میلیونی (۱۰۰۰۰۰۰) شدنت رو تبریک میگم💪👍👌🌠🌠🌹🌸🎉🎊🎇🎆

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  3. bruh this was my first ever video ive watched from you and its crazy how things has change. LIKE DUDE Liam was on 950 subs at that time. keep up the good work and you'll be hitting a million in no time my guy

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  5. Nice idea, yeah enough water would be better. But anyway you can perform it on photoshop.
    www.riadben.com/portraits i share my photography works too

  6. Jangan lupa subscribe channel youtube ku yaa😁🤭like jika kalian suka dan share
    nanti saya subscribe balik 😍😍

    Salam KFI SOLO


  7. You guys make the most of your youth, energy, speed, stamina and flexibility cos when you get to my age, you'd be toast under the bloody tram 😉

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