Remove Vocals or Remove Music Online | Make Karaoke Online with no software | Part 3

Another video from Joseph IT on removing vocals and removing music from a song online. This video of part 3 will show you how to make karaoke online with no software and also how to remove music from a song too!

This will help you a lot to do the exact on the tutorial:

In some of my earlier videos, I showed this task but the method that today I will show you will really help you a lot to do two things at the same time. You can now remove vocals as well as remove music from a song easily online.

On making Karaoke online I made this video –
“How to Remove Vocals from a Song with a Website | Make Karaoke with no software Tutorials | Vocal”

and this got a huge response from the viewers and secondly, I made this video –
“How to Remove Vocals from a Song with a Website | Make Karaoke with no software Tutorials | Part 2″

which was much better than the first one. All of these showed online Karaoke making!

But finally, I found the method which will do dual-task and will help the worker at its best! Vocal isolation or removing music from a song is often demanded by me subscribers and viewers and to them, I present this which will benefit them greatly!

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36 thoughts on “Remove Vocals or Remove Music Online | Make Karaoke Online with no software | Part 3

  1. I enjoy this website very well, but it’s saying “Your daily usage is over. Donate $3”. How will I do that?

  2. You know god damn well if an indian guy shows a tutorial it will work ( not being rude or smth its a compliment qwp)

  3. Hi Sir, am not able to get karaoke. After uploading the file, its showing some error. Could you please help me to get some karaoke?

  4. Hi Joseph, I tried this on my iPad, this works but there aren’t the three dots next to the vocal and instrumental outputs. Is there another way to download the audio from iPad?

  5. This isn't working now…it was only said processing till half hour in jst 885kb file😬😬😬😬😬

  6. Hi Joseph, Sorry for my late response to you. Still I am unable to access to Can you suggest any other website to remove vocal from mp3. I need a website which now work on Mac. Any software available to do such work. How much it may cost me ?
    Your suggestions would be highly appreciated.

  7. Hi Joseph, thanks for the videos uploaded. The site is not opening at all for me. This site still exists? can you suggest any other web site to prepare Karaoke online.
    Looking forward your response. Regars, Ramadoss.N

  8. I'm New Subscriber in your channel, Thanks very much for this Trick sir🙏
    GOD will Bless you will get more Subscribers 🙏🙏🙏🙏👏👏👏

  9. Itz osm…thank u thank u thank u sooooooo much….after watching too much fake videos, m jst hopeless…bt your trick iz definitely working bt still only 21 likes😵 diz iz not fair. I m now sharing your video link in other fake videos that u will get more likes n views. Again tx a lot😍

  10. i'm doing my best but it's not working, I tried taking an mp3 music file from my PC, pressed submit but nothing so far, i'm I doing something wrong?

  11. Hi Joseph, Thanks for your immediate reply to my earlier questions. Thank you very much for teaching one more method /giving me website information. It worked well for me. sometimes it takes a longer time to process the file or the link provided, sometimes it gives some error notification also. Anyways when i made few attempts it worked for me. Thank you so much. 
    I have subscribed your channel to learn more from you. Once again I thank you for your immediate response. Regards Ramadoss.N

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