Rules of Engagement (2000) Official Trailer #1 – Samuel L. Jackson Movie HD

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Rules of Engagement (2000) Official Trailer #1 – Samuel L. Jackson Movie HD

An attorney defends an officer on trial for ordering his troops to fire on civilians after they stormed a U.S. embassy in a third world country.

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An attorney defends an officer on trial for ordering his troops to fire on civilians after they stormed a U.S. embassy in a third world country.

Tommy Lee Jones:
Samuel L. Jackson:
Guy Pearce:
Ben Kingsley:
Bruce Greenwood:
Blair Underwood:
Philip Baker Hall:

William Friedkin:

Jim Webb
Jim Webb
Richard D. Zanuck:
Adam Schroeder:
Arne Schmidt:
Scott Rudin:

Jim Webb
Stephen Gaghan:
Jim Webb

Augie Hess:

William A. Fraker:
Nicola Pecorini:

Mark Isham:


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32 thoughts on “Rules of Engagement (2000) Official Trailer #1 – Samuel L. Jackson Movie HD

  1. America always bring peace and civilization to ungrateful nations since Native American till Iraq, what an ironic world.

  2. 🔥🔥🔥
    I got such positive feedback about the film
    1:31 💛🎥🎬

  3. 🔥
    Just because someone’s wandering doesn’t mean he’s lost.
    0:59 💓💜

  4. 🔥🔥
    I saw this on Showtime, and it was a pretty cool premise
    1:00 🔥🎬
    👇 👇 👇 👇💕

  5. This is happening now in Iraq
    USA must carpet bomb terrorists and not let another embarrassment happening like Iran hostage.

  6. Nice white wash but hw you gonna wash evidence deliberate massacre of civilians only usa is right rest of the world Vietnam Japan middle East every country is crazy

  7. This film is a stain on all its employees and on the history of Hollywood and the United States

  8. It is pretty ironic and funny; many critics decried it as Anti-Middle Eastern, but in truth; good-hearted soldiers are always accused of malicious deeds

  9. OMG such a bad film. The Tommy Lee Samuel L fight seen was embarrassing , you could tell they were ashamed to be in it 😂

  10. Every movie that samuel l jackson plays in he always gets framed for murder same happened to him in A Time To Kill The Negotiator and now in this movie

  11. 2:04 I honestly thought he was gonna say "Yes they deserve to die, and I hope they burn in hell"…. but I was like… oh wrong movie.

  12. Thing is, the ROE's are strict for those in the military & sometimes the line can be blurry too, and sometimes you can get orders from higher up down to the field to lax the ROE's even to the point of shooting anyone with a weapon. Overall, ROE's are strict for those who are deployed combat units/infantry & when I think about it each time, I just look at the shit here in America & see how there exists no ROE's for the cops who just go around doing what they want to people, including murdering us daily. Be safe out there.


  14. samuel jackson is better at playing protagonists than mother fcker villains. just becoz hes a badaas doesn't mean he should be playing villains

  15. ههههههه تحلمون بدخول اليمن أقسم أن ننقلب قاعده اذا فكرتو بدخول اليمن

  16. What are your top five favorite William Friedkin films? My favorite are (1) "The Exorcist: Director's Cut", (2) "12 Angry Men", (3) "Rampage", (4) "Rules of Engagement", and (5) "To Live and Die in LA".

  17. I'll stand by my brothers in arms, the choices a grunt has to make on the fly in the face of violence & danger & who are sent to these bullshit wars and didn't ask to be there because once you're in, there's no going back & you DON'T get to control your life while serving your country in our military. That choice was gone when you signed the dotted line. But, that said, I stand against unlawful invasions or otherwise intrusions, etc, against another sovereign nation because IF they did that shit to us every 10 or 20 years, WE'D be shooting the invaders here! We have no business with embassies in most parts of the world, just as we have no business with our military posts all over too. Maybe a few in our allies nations, with their PERMISSION of course, but not like we have. And like it or not, individuals like us, you & me, have no power over ending that, at least as long as we allow our illegitimate govt to keep on existing. That said, being someone who has been sent on deployments to the shitty country called Iraq, I feel that the people who have been to places like that are the most qualified to bitch & point out the shit that is wrong with not only those unlawful invasions, but this total failure of a govt that too many around us think is legitimate. To boot, the US Constitution outlines when we are to go to war & almost none of the engagements we've gotten involved with & also started in the last 50+ years are constitutional! Not even in 1990-1991 with Desert Storm. And when a "civilian" is pulling weapons on you & looks like they're going to fire on you/your buddies or something else looks like it's going to start reigning hell upon the grunts, you bet your ass that we will fire all over you motherfuckers with bullets & grenades to end that threat. The worst part is, it's nearly impossible to tell who is enemy & who is friendly in modern day warfare when the enemy dresses as a civilian.

  18. If the Open Fire scene happened every time rioters attempted to breach an American embassy there would very shortly be no more riots.

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