Saigon Storage, AirBNB and the Airport!- Vietnam Travel Vlog

With a friend coming to visit for a couple of weeks, we need to put our bikes, riding gear and a few other bits and pieces into storage, so we are heading back to our new friends at Saigon Storage!

Storage facilities in Vietnam seem to be almost non-existent and when we on the hunt for a solution of what to do with our suitcase while we did our Vietnam Travel by motorbike, we found these guys.

To be totally transparent with everyone, we are not getting paid to promote Saigon Storage, nor do we get any kickbacks or anything like that, we just know from experience how hard it is to find storage in Saigon and Charles provided us with great pricing and awesome service both times we went to him, so we felt it was information worth sharing.

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We are Leon and Tash, a New Zealand vlogging couple who set off on an amazing Vietnam adventure as fulltime travellers, backpacking Vietnam. But we weren’t going to travel to Vietnam for one of those ordinary backpacking Vietnam trips you hear about everybody doing, where they go for a couple off weeks and check out the beaches or maybe riding through Vietnam at such a crazy pace that they never get off the beaten track. No we want more than that.

Our Vietnam adventures start with learning the way of the locals, taking just enough time to figure out how things work, discover what the “Must see places in Vietnam” are and more importantly where Vietnam’s hidden gems are…

To do this, we moved to Danang Vietnam. The plan was to spend 3 months living in Da Nang, meeting and learning from locals about the culture, the amazing food, their way of living and what places they would recommend to travel in Vietnam.
And because Danang is in the middle of the country, we hoped we might meet other tourists or expats who were having their own Vietnam travel adventure or were at the halfway point of motorcycle riding through Vietnam and hear from them, what places they thought we must visit in Vietnam. Also, as new travel vloggers, having a base there meant we could try things like doing Da Nang Vietnam travel vlog or creating a Danang Vietnam travel guide, before also taking on the stresses of fulltime travel.

Then in month 4, that’s when the real Vietnam adventure begins. With our new list of must see places, we will head to Saigon and buy a couple of motorbikes. to start our Vietnam road trip!
Motorcycle riding through Vietnam seems like one of the most hectic, crazy and chaotic things anyone could do, but we can’t wait!! And we wont be following a simple South to North / Saigon to Hanoi route, we plan on doing more like a figure 8, so that our travel in Vietnam will cover both the inland and coastal areas of this amazing country.
So can we still say we are backpacking Vietnam? Or should we be telling people our travel in Vietnam is a motorcycle trip through Vietnam? We’re not sure, but what we do know is, our Vietnam road trip is going to cover over 6000km’s from Saigon right up to the famous waterfalls of Ban Gioc near Cao Bang, round the northern point of the Ha Giang loop and everything else we can access in between.
So we hope you’ll join us, the New Zealand vlogging couple, on our Vietnam adventure by clicking subscribe to join the Tribe and experience our travel in Vietnam..


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20 thoughts on “Saigon Storage, AirBNB and the Airport!- Vietnam Travel Vlog

  1. Came across from MGBs channel to check you out. So glad I did! Great work keep it up. Subbed 🙂

  2. Wow it's looks a bit hair-raising riding in that traffic! Your new Airbnb looks good but I agree it does look rather…. cosy 😂 How lovely to have a friend visit. Looking forward to seeing what you get up to 😊👍 Haha I think you made them jump at the airport 🤣🤣👍

  3. We love Airbnb!!! LOL!! Gold cow🐴!!! So glad it all is working out!! Have a great 2 weeks!! Looking forward to seeing more!!

  4. Wow, the music totally captures the moped life, and reminded us of Beijing street madness 😉 That's a fantastic place, but funny twist on who sleep where Lol. Add a little vodka to that Gold Bull and I think you'll have a drink. You guys make Vietnam a bucket list definite. Love this one 🙂 Safe travels, James and Kim

  5. Ok I'm never critical cause you're both awesome but 99/100ths into the vlog I'm thinking "Nick" is a dude. What critical earlier thing did I miss that I thought that? Then she arrives and she's camera shy, what is she 12? Brave enough to travel all the way to Vietnam alone, but then an introvert? A quick simple "Hi" would have been satisfactory. The storage place is totally a must know, thanks for including that portion. Get er on camera for Kriky's sake………………

  6. I remember that airport like yesterday. So cool of your friend to visit you guys. Hope she enjoys Vietnam like we do. Great video guys. Best wishes. Mike 🙂

  7. What the if I was riding roads I would have crashed for reals 😂 I think we'll be getting uber when we visit. Awesome to have mates visit. Damn $25 nz for this airbnb is bomb even though it's smaller I think it looks nicer than the last one. The couch is all goods 😁

  8. That sofa looks nice and comfy for Leon, set to go with all those Gold Cows!!! Great video guys👍👍👍💕

  9. That’s cool one of your friends made the trip to see you. She’s got a couple of great guides for her trip 👍

  10. weezing in and out of the traffic like a BAWSSSS – charles is hella nice :D, but he looks like he needed your coffee too hahah – you know ive never tried air bnb .. always heard this story where the landlord cancels last minute on your etc etc.. i mean i know its probably 1 in a million it would happen to me.. but i felt on my trip its the last thing i want to worry about is not having a roof and a stable place.. so i always book affordable hotels or what not XD

  11. Another great video and insight to riding bikes in the city, storage and accommodation options. The airport looks huge, typical of international travel. Great to see that Nicola has arrived and that you guys have a plan to share together. hope the time together is enjoyable for all of you, I am sure it will be. I look forward to watching your adventures.

  12. You two look so at home in that busy Vietnam traffic – your experience in riding sure shines through. Nice AirBnB guys – bet you are excited for your couch and bathroom time Leon!!! Great that you have a friend to stay – will be fun showing her around 🙂👍🍺

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