Steam Client Bootstrapper Has Stopped Working – Fix Here

Please note that I do not have all the solutions for fixing this problem/any other problem. Please, please do not ask me in the comments section for a fix for a problem you might be having because I honestly will not have an answer for it. As much as I would love to help you, I cannot because I do not know a whole lot about these error messages people are getting besides changing a few settings on the computer (i.e. program compatibility, and the computer time set (what time of year the computer is in)). I recommend going to Google or Youtube to look up solutions for a different problem you might be having that I cannot solve. Thank you.


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44 thoughts on “Steam Client Bootstrapper Has Stopped Working – Fix Here

  1. Hey guys can you help me

    When i open my steam (after I log in) it flickers. Can you help me? (The steam flickers)

    Do I need to reinstall steam again?

  2. "Steam client webhelper has stopped working" annoying pop up has stopped appearing. Thanks!
    I just cut the Packages folder, put on the Desktop & open Steam like normal then, wait for it to extract

  3. thank you so much
    you are a hero
    i tried the whole day to get it working

    i even went into the safe mode from windows where it worked for what ever reason un installed steam re installed steam did ape shit letting virus scanner and all this good shit

    you get me

    thank you

  4. When you have this broblem, then copy the files from your friends coputer and past it on your computer. Then delete the old steam file and it will work

  5. Sorry but it didnt help me…. I got the problem, when I try to start steam there is the Update ing screen and when he says installing updates the window appears "steam client bootstrapper doesnt work anymore".I tried to uninstall it, install it again and it still doesnt work. I spent 12 hours on like 3 days and still no hope

  6. Hi All – I had this problem 12 September 2017 with Bitdefender Total Security 2018, the cmd action did not work, nor did running steam as administrator. What I did was turned off Bitdefender FIREWALL and turned off Bitdefender Advanced Threat Defense. Then ran steam and it worked from here on. Remember to turn on your firewall and Advanced Threat Defense – all seems well now.

  7. For anyone not finding a fix from this video or others like it, this worked for me

  8. the problem is my windows is 10 and there isnt and option that contains windows 10 only 8 and 7 please help?

  9. Im not even logged in right? So it says enter name and password to sign in… i type any letter on my keyboard and it suddenly freezes, ive tried uninstalling it and installing it, nothing. i need immediate help

  10. @iWaBa FET can u help me with something that happened to me. I went onto steam jan 1 2017 and it asked me to login and I did then it asked for a passcode that was sent to my email. I got the passcode and put it in then a min later files and ect poped up and I deleted them all but there was some files I could not delete. I went to steam client and that didn't help me and then went to bootstrapper and that didn't help me either. also I deleted csgo in the process shit…

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