Sword Art Online [AMV] – Kirito x Asuna ~ Be Somebody

Anime : Sword Art Online/SAO
Music : Be Somebody – Thousand Foot Krutch //
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Secondary Channel:

Debido a ciertos problemas con el copyright existe la posibilidad de que me cierren el canal, por eso ahora les dejaré un enlace para mi canal secundario de amv’s, les agradecería que se subscribiesen por favor //
Due to certain problems with copyright there is the possibility that I close the channel, so now I will leave a link for my secondary channel Amv’s, I would appreciate it subscribiesen please//

Nguồn: https://hip-hop-music-classic.com

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27 thoughts on “Sword Art Online [AMV] – Kirito x Asuna ~ Be Somebody

  1. Đây là bộ anime đã đc đưa vào liên quân VN rồi nek 😁😁😁😁😋😋😋😋😋😋

  2. Hi im new to amvs and was hoping if everyone could give some criticism, thx in advance!

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