The Amazing Race Asia Season 5 Audition | Philippines #TeamBoyChinos

Our audition video for The Amazing Race Asia Season 5. #TeamBoyChinos #TeamJMAndFamoso

ASIA—how can you not stop falling for Asia? There’s always so much more in Asia and he we are, ready to give and receive more.

#TeamBoyChinos was derived from the traditional Filipino male active wear Kamisa Chino. To jive in with the ethnicity and deep traditionalism of Asia alongside the desire for adventure and adrenaline; #TeamBoyChinos is a fun, enthusiastic, energetic, amusing team with a heart.

We’re ready for the greatest adventure in our lives—The Amazing Race Asia. An adventure that will not just push us to our limits but will cause us to have an area to inspire other people who are just as normal as we are to keep running, to keep fighting, to keep on. Truth of the matter is, our lives is just like on big race. If you believe you can do it and if you believe in your dream and work hard for it, you’re going to see it unfold.

Go Team Philippines! Find us:

Snapchat: @jmbercedeyap

Snapchat: @guerrerofamoso


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