The Real Reason Amazing Spider-Man 3 Didn't Happen

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In fewer than two decades, the Spider-Man franchise has already amassed a history of stops and restarts. But the most surprising were the sudden cancellations of Amazing Spider-Man 3 and the spin-offs planned to follow. It was confusing and strange, but there’s an interesting story behind why the sequel to a successful movie got tossed in the garbage.

The planned sequels | 0:24
Spider-canned | 0:56
Andrew Garfield got fired | 1:20
The Sony hacks | 1:55
Marvel and Sony’s deal | 2:19

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28 thoughts on “The Real Reason Amazing Spider-Man 3 Didn't Happen

  1. The amazing spider man 1&2 sucked and are the worst SpiderMan movies ever made,anyone that likes them suffer delusions of SpiderMan

  2. Sony and Disney made an agreement that Spider-Man could make an appearance in the mcu, but Sony had to cancel out the TASM series

  3. can disney adopt that the amazing spiderman 3?

    how good is the movie for me to enjoy it? I wish they could only do part three.

  4. Can you please do something like a petition to sony make tasm 3 many of people wants tasm 3 and i want it so bad pls pls pls do something looper pls

  5. spiderman was best as a loner. 🙁
    andrew garfield and gwen stacy did a brilliant acting. 💙
    why this had to happen ;_;
    i thought that in tasm 3 mary jane would come into the life of peter parker but of course.. its over now.

  6. Why yall blame andrew, for me andrew is the best spiderman, fits him perfectly, blame who made the fckin story of TASM 2 the fckin storyline ruined that fckin movie

  7. Honestly I think amazing Spider-Man with Andrew Garfield and Tobey maguire Spider-Man sequel can still happen once marvel or Sony introduce spider man into spider verse live series. That’s where they can fix their mistakes from the past. Honestly I really loved Andrew Garfield well I hope they bring their sequels back

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