The Story of EternalEnvy

To some, he’s a villain. To others, he’s an inspiration.

There’s no denying that he’s instigated a lot of kicks, fallen on hard times and become something of a pariah.

But, here’s the thing: he didn’t start out like that.

This is the story of how EE-sama, one of Dota’s most adored heroes, lost his way. The story of EternalEnvy.

Written and voiced by: Dimitri Pascaluta (@DPascaluta)
Edited by: Alex Debets (@ajdebets)
Graphics by: Christian Pearson (@Chr_Pearson)

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Music used under license from Associated Production Music LLC (”APM”).

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35 thoughts on “The Story of EternalEnvy

  1. *envy is not a villian, he just a hero who lost his way.

    Yeah sure that was is another way to say villian

  2. Was EE's family from SEA before they moved to Canada and raised EE there dou

    Because the way his parents speak cantonese/chinese it sounded really like a chinese family from SEA

  3. Thank you envy sama for making me lose 80000 indian rupees, the only reason I didn't go nuts about this was because I didn't invest my own money if it was my own money I probably would've hunted envy down….so it was probably 2014-15 I started betting with some trash items I had( zero investment) and smartly gambled my way to 80000 bucks in a month's time, until I lost all of it on 2 clowd9 games, yes I should've known better not to bet on envy's team but they were against a smaller ez win team, guess what they lost both games solely because of envy's stupid throws, that was the day I decided to not care about skins and not to gamble again, but sometimes when I remember my inventory pages filled with arcanas and 100s of the most valuable items( dc hooks, etc ) I do feel sad, sad at my stupidity and sad at envy, can't blame him though cuz you know what im the same player as him, I'm capable of making god like plays at the same time I'm capable of making god like throws, my friends literally call me EE sama…😣

  4. i think EE sometimes playing bad cuz he always gamble to doing OUTSTANDING MOVE but ended up with BAD LUCK

    although he's not as lucky as ana / miracle

    his toxic & controversial behavior is proof that he always express his own feelings about how terrible his condition was

  5. In my opinion his skill are good not as good as topson or summail. But he is fast. But what brought him down is his Ego. Ego bigger than rtz. Ego that he doesn't earn yet. Rip envy.

  6. Nope he is a Villain Plain and simple. By your Logic you could say Hitler wasnt a Villain Just missunderstanding.

  7. EternalEnvy is probably the most obnoxious pro in dota. There's no doubt he belongs up there with the top players but at the same time, his lack of interpersonal skills and sheer toxicity makes him a very difficult person to work with. In that level of dota, it's career suicide.

  8. For me I can’t feel comfortable playing with people if I don’t know them or have played with them for long a time the trust factor and relying on teammates just wouldn’t be there.

  9. He will never win any TI because of his social skills. Or should I say lack of thereof. He analyzes everything like a true mathemathician – he views his team as some figures with a measurable skill level. Whenever he finds a higher number he is changing the lower one, not even aware how does normal team and interpersonal relationship work. Life is not measurable and being in a team is more than just numbers. Those qualities, alien to EE, make the strongest teams.

    I do not think that appreciating someone with aforementioned philosophy is a good idea. He is the same as many CEO and supervisors that do not care about their workers and treats them like trash. Such people should be labelled as villains. Cleary they are making other people`s life miserable.

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