Three Kingdoms – Episode【73】English Subtitles (2010)

【Title】Three Kingdoms
【Genre】Historical / Epic / War
【Country / Region】China
【Issuing Date】2010-05-02
【Number of Episodes】95
【Starring】陈建斌 Chen-jian-bin / 于和伟 Yu-he-wei / 陆毅 Lu-yi
【Fansub】Jiang Hu Subs
● Many thanks for [Jiang Hu Subs] did such a great job.
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24 thoughts on “Three Kingdoms – Episode【73】English Subtitles (2010)

  1. 20:40….just superb performance. He clearly conveys the sensation realizing his ambition, but too feeble to even taste it.

  2. 8:35 This really made me laugh for some reason XD Their gasps of shock was just so funny for some reason XD

  3. Sometimes no sound effect of water is actually better.
    But man what a cruelty. Even in death, the emperor can never have throne back.

  4. Mengde knows the title of Emperor is a trap. Once you make yourself top dog, everyone will be gunning for you. You'll have to either kill them all or fail yourself.

  5. RIP Cao Cao, one of my top favourite historical figures of all time. I really like the statement ''I have never really cared about others misjudging me''.

  6. Hua Xin was a fucking shit stain. Useless minister who was only loyal to whomever looked like a "sure bet".

  7. God damn brain surgery 1800 years ago. If cao cao didnt kill the guy imagine our medical technology today.

  8. Assume Hua Tuo did the operation to Cao Cao
    Hua Tuo: Last time I cured Guan Yu by scraping away the poison. This time I treat Cao Cao by cutting off the root.
    Cao Cao: Have you ever washed your knife???

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