Top 10 BEST Dating Simulation Games Ever

Be sure to check out the Video Game Characters we wanted to Romance but couldn’t!:

Who’s ready to get their digital swag on? For this list, we’ll be diving into that gloriously cheesy, extremely heartfelt, often cringy genre of video games known as dating sims. We’ll be taking into account the characters, stories, and the overall gameplay mechanics, and of course, the dating component must be a core feature, and not just something on the side!

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38 thoughts on “Top 10 BEST Dating Simulation Games Ever

  1. Who's your Video Game waifu or hazu? Be sure to check out ours over on MojoPlays!:

  2. can someone tell me the name of a simulator game which I seem to have forgotten. I used to play it back in around 2012ish period. It was something vspace or vworld, I just can't seem ti recall.

  3. Why would you want to romance other girls when you can just romance Monika?
    Just Monika
    Just Monika

    Just Monika

    Just Monika

    Just Monika

    Just Monika

    Just Monika

  4. OMG, I can't believe Sakura Wars is in this list, a relatively unknown title to the Westerners but a huge hit in Japan and China. Well done, Watch Mojo!

  5. Doki doki won’t be the best but it’s absolutely the first in popularity
    For making an example, in my city Doki Doki is famous among some of my friend who didn’t know what visual novel means

  6. me : a straight girl who have a boyfriend
    also me : horre shet the two last ones super kawaii i wanna be addicted to my virtual wifue!!

  7. Why do yall out DDLC but not Hunie pop. DDLC is good but it doesnt fulfill the role as a dating sim. The whole gig was the game making you think it was a dating sim. Hunie pop should've been on here

  8. I don't like when peapole say that persona are dating sim cause they're way more than just a dating sim
    It's like peapole don't Care of the excellent gameplay and excellent and symbolic story ( and thanks for the ddlc spoilers )

  9. shit list, the otome genre is dominated by female oriented games like amnesia, code realize, diabolik lovers, etc. and you didn't mention one.

  10. So you aren't going to tell us anymore when Todd Habberfuck is featured anymore?

    Almost like he's annoying enough to omit from the details…..

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