Top 10 Most Deadly Ninja Weapons


Have you ever asked yourself: what weapons did ninjas use? There have been many brutally effective ninja tools used throughout history, from the blowgun referred to as the Fukiya, the Bo staff, battle rings called Kakute or the weighted chain referred to as the Kusari-fundo. Each of these brutally effective ninja weapons was used for espionage, sabotage, assassination and guerrilla warfare in feudal Japan. WatchMojo counts down ten of the most iconic ninja weapons.

00:34 #10: Tekko-Kagi
01:15 #9: Kusari-Fundo
01:56 #8: Bō
02:35 #7: Kakute
03:24 #6: Kama
04:07 #5: Fukiya
04:56 #4: Kusarigama
05:29 #3, #2 & #1 ????

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39 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Deadly Ninja Weapons

  1. Get some ninja related entertainment!
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  2. Okay time to be a dick. Roman Scutum stops all of these .
    This is how. 9/10
    Your gonna break your hand or arm using metal claws
    When a Roman straight slaps your Metal claws hand with 22 plus pounds of shield weight with added 200 pounds of body and armour weight.
    Claw Hand death.

    That chain ball is scary
    But it would just bounce off
    You could throw it over or around Scutum but then your ball is just gonna get tangled up
    (Hince your not doing much)
    It’s just too unreal for it too work

    The ring blade is great idea
    For real
    But too close
    The Roman would just break the blades with his shield
    (But for stealth liek it’s intended use would be so damn dangerous)

    Kama is useless agaisnt roman Scutum
    Not enough blade
    Not pointed
    It’s curved in not out

    Blow pipes have bad penetration (but from experience it’s very fun to use)

    Metal darts are very easy to lose )

    Chain Kanama would be very easy to tangle up and or counter with your shield and proper spacing between you and the shield

    I’ve already tested knives
    No knives go threw
    They just bounce or stick in
    They don’t seem to pierce
    (20 knife throws
    Half stuck
    No deeper then half inch

    Blinding powder beats me
    I can see that being used to massacre a full legion
    Ninjas and samurai hiding in weight to drop pots of that shit
    damn . No countering that powder in high amounts

    Shruiken is no different the throwing knife
    Just throw
    It hits

    Scutum won 9 out of 10

  3. Kusarigama and shuriken are not ninja weapons. Ninja are suppose to be stealthy, fast and quiet, shuriken and kusarigama would weight ninja down and make allot of noise if not carefully packed. Also kunai were rarly used in long range combat. It would be waste to throw them at the enemy because your chances of hitting one are slim. Better alternatives for kunai (and shuriken) were pebls and rocks. Easy to find and much more effective.

  4. you forgot about the nunchaku that in the right hands are deadly weapons …. just like here ..

  5. Kunai were used more in the use of climbing and were cheap to get so they didn’t actually use them for throwing, it wouldn’t be that affective

  6. Iconic yes deadly not so sure shuriken weren’t meant for killing only distract tool so that the shinobi can get close and kill the enemy

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