Warcraft 3 | Custom | X Hero Siege Extreme

Download X Hero Siege 3.33

X Hero Siege is a Defense / Survival Warcraft 3 map where your team Select their hero to defend the castle and kill all dark forces.

Suggested Heroes for new players that want a strong Hero:
Dryad – Arthas – Ghost – Ranger – DH/MK – Beastmaster – Pala Potm/Rifle – Blademaster – Pitlord – Sorc – DL – Lich

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Produced by Rich “WTii” Langley
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Game: Warcraft 3 (The Frozen Throne)
Media: Gameplay Commentary
Version: 1.30.2
Mode: Multiplayer
Platform: PC
Genres: Real-time Strategy, Fantasy
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48 thoughts on “Warcraft 3 | Custom | X Hero Siege Extreme

  1. You do know when you are doing solo hero image, you could use town scroll to teleport? Your furbs would tele with you

  2. Was there a reason you kept hitting the king when he was just standing still, making him re-aggro? It seemed like you had it won and then kept hitting and making it snap out of standing still.

  3. Any idea why I can't play this map? I downloaded I can see it in-game but it doesn't start, and I can't select a race or anything

  4. By some chance does anyone of a custom map I’m looking for? It was a huge open with map. At the beginning you could choose if you were an individual you worked to eventually become a god. As a god you could teleport around the map and summon unit i think were called ‘gods army’ Or you could choose to become and king and start a civilisation. Blood elves were a race you could choose. There were various places you could set up a kingdom including empty fortresses

  5. Hate playing X Hero Siege because I always end up playing Rokhan(Shadow Hunter) for support especially on lane wave.

  6. not sure if it is still a thing with flags, but they used to give a hidden building only regen aura to the tower and castle if placed close by, and it stacks.

  7. Am I the only one who thinks that wtii play custom games bad as he is good at melee maps? Geeez i always talk to the screen trying to help him hahahahah

  8. Great to see a recent XHS vid 🙂

    Your leveling was incorrect I think:
    Lvl 1 – Bomb
    Lvl 2 – Ward
    Lvl 3 – Bomb
    Lvl 4 – Ward
    Lvl 5 – Ward
    Lvl 6 – Bomb
    Lvl 7 – Ward

    Also you should have spammed the bomb as much as possible early, could have cleared lanes easily. Shadow Hunter is a good support hero.

    For special event (mountain king) you could double up on Anks (i.e. 6 anks) to survive it.

  9. I used to play this probably 10 years ago and you can win alone with the right champ. There are a few that can but blade master, arthus , dry and and ranger are great. Most agility heros can. Even on hard. They can best all challenges and even if not still possible. You also need to kill the spawn towers for harder creeps worth extra gold and you'll get a lot more stats

  10. Paladin, Lich, and PotM are the strongest heroes in this. Paladin makes sure you make it to the end game, and Lich and PotM have Death and Decay for bosses. Anyone with a flying or ward summon is good for Muradin since he can aggro on the summon in the water and won't chase anyone. I am the resident X Hero nerd. Highest I think I've done is extreme 15. You can go that high, red just has to put the command in.

  11. if you want to play support, lich is the best because death and decay deal % of max hp. it's very very powerful especially wirh necklace of immunity

  12. Is he bad or did he just make an upsie? Like this the first video I've ever seen and he didn't use his tp scrolls to leave the event at the start.

  13. omg I used to play this custom game all day long before WoW came out haven't touched WC3 since I really hope they remake this on the wc3 reforged.

  14. "I'm all about trying to get everyone on the same level. I don't want anyone getting too strong." There's a joke in here about Wtii being a Labour voter somewhere…

  15. Use your TP to get the furbolg back to the castle with you. Cant believe you didn't recognize you have 15 tps in your inv

  16. nice gameplay, all you need to do is spam totem at boss battle, yet you forgot to click it…. idk is it intentional bcause it really annoyed me

  17. Looks like Multinoob and Crafty didn't do the mirror image challenge?
    If you do it you get 100 stats right?

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