Windows 10 tutorial: Download version 1809 ISO WITHOUT Media Creation Tool

Windows 10 tutorial: download the October 2018 Update, version 1809, ISO file directly from Microsoft without Media Creation Tool.

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Note: If you’re using Firefox, you can only use Ctrl + Shift + M keyboard shortcut and the use the download link to get the ISO file. Instead of using the Agent Switcher addon. Thanks to “My Android” for the heads up.

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26 thoughts on “Windows 10 tutorial: Download version 1809 ISO WITHOUT Media Creation Tool

  1. Thank you so much @Pureinfotech you saved my day. I was gonna leave from school today. I downloaded the 1903 ISO file two times. The downloads were completed 100% but during the verification process the whole setup took more 2 hrs to get to 40% and then a little slow down or disconnection the Media Creation Tool would just Crash. But currently I have only 1 hr to select whether to stay home or go to school. With this method the iso file took significantly shorter time and there were no extra verification or other things involved. I think I will try to download every coming update using this method. Despite the fact that I wasted my 2 weeks pocket money that I saved for the internet I am still left with enough data to complete this download. Thanks I am extremely thankful to you! Love you #MarioFromPureInfoTech.Com

  2. Thanks mate!!!This Win 10 1903 is garbage for now, some bugs and glitches even the start menu is bugged after a driver installation,wanted to roll back but alas only the option of the 1903 is given through the update assistant,another option is to dual boot via Ubuntu probably,but I have not tried that yet 🙂 Anyway thanks a million you saved my day,avoid the 1903 build until they fix some stuff there its the same "new shiny interface" with bugs being patched on the fly as usual.Cheers!

  3. thank you so much for this. I reinstalled my windows OS. what i have is still the 1803 version. Im getting the "nvidia installer cannot continue error". I'm currently downloading now to reinstall again and hoping this will fix the issue.

  4. Thank you so much. I just got rid of Media creation tool which can't even pause and continue downloads. I can't express my happiness

  5. i tried this with bootcamp on a mac. but it says "error copying windows files". any ideas on whats going on there?

  6. Nice, This is a neat trick. I was trying to use the media creation tool and had over 10 failed attempts and was so frustrated. Microsoft shoulf give the option man.

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